Innovation in boat windows!
Innovative bådvinduer, innovativa båtfönster.

TOPwindows, innovations in boatwindows

TOPwindows is the only manufacturer of boat windows using an acrylic frame. These frames do not condensate, do not corrode, are UV-resistant and have a unique (screwless) click-system to install the windows easaly in your boat. The windows are measured digitally so the old windows can stay in the boat, during measuring and production, until the new windows arrive.

Our products comply with the ISO 122162002 directive, and have a 5 year warranty !

Full Service

TOPwindows can provide a full service solution on location. We measure the windows digitally on board. TOPwindows also offers the possibility to install the windows for you, on your location. One company that provides the total solution for all your window problems !


TOPwindows can be made in many configurations:
5 frame colors, 5 glass colors, single glass, double insulation glass,  acryllic glass, flapp frame windows and sliding windows.

Whatever your wishes are in ventilation or insulation, we provide the solution.