Innovation in boat windows!
Innovative bådvinduer, innovativa båtfönster.

TOPwindows, a new concept in marine windows.

After recognizing the moisture problems caused by the condensation of aluminium windowframes, we started searching for a solution. Soon we came to the understanding that the framing material had to be changed.

Just like in the development of housing windows we came to a plastic like material. This material had to have low thermal conduction, be reliable, be UV resistant and had to have the ability to be bended to desired shapes.

This ofcourse was the easy part of the challenge, now it had to be transformed to a functional and workable concept. In tight cooperation with the industry we found the acrylic material that would do the job, covered with a coating for several color options.

A production facility in the Netherlands had to be equiped. Machines had to be developed, staff had to be trained and windows had to be sold. During the development stage we also recognized it would be impractical to continue the conventional methode of making hardboard templates of window holes.                 A hightech tool is purchased that allows us to make a digital measurement of the window hole (even with the old windows still inside). These files are used  in our digitally operated machines.

After starting in Holland and Germany, TOPwindows now sells windows all over Europe. Thousands of windows have already been made to the specific wishes of our clients, mostly for boats but also for other purposes. For an impression of these projects please look at "projects" in the navigation bar of this page !

I (Willem) am responsible for the Scandinavian market. If you like some advice by phone or on location, please call. Unfortunately I do not speak the Danish and Swedish language, so please do so in English.








                                                              Our Crew of Salesman, technicians, and production staff.